Meeting Kate Adie

Private Lynndie Washington, serving aboard
USS Nicholson en route to Serbia and Kosovo 1994-7

Boy brings mail is cute real clean.
Like the way he say my name.
Think they call him Jud.

Mom say trailer let rain in bad now.
Power keep cutting out night and day.
They long tails don’t mind at all

and she don’t know what they gone do
when welfare stop.
When do I get paid?

Sky stretch out like a long cool sleep.
Sea breathing deep,
birds fly by like they know.

I never told
that low voice lady


Fay Musselwhite Kate Adie: We asked dozens on board the USS Nicholson and the USS Gonzales, both cruise missile ships, firing thousand-pound rockets off towards Serbia and Kosovo and most of them had not the first clue where the rocket ships were headed, what country it was, why they were going there.

John Greaves’ Inventory, 1672

Herewith my goods and chattels.

Eleven quishions, two carpets
Bedding in the little parlour
And in the old man’s chamber
A trunkel bed and hanging presse

Some bees wax, a chest
One range, a fyre shawle
One pair of tongs, a dossen
Trenchers, my wooden wares

And in the milk house two oxen,
Five kine, a bull and eighty
Three cupples. This is my
Inventory, Bradfield Chapelry.


Bill Cooper


Fay Musselwhite and Bill Cooper are running a History Poetry workshop at the festival.