off-ground fog       low rush
hush                   drizzle
gradual hill wash out
gradual uniformity
ragged patches –
take your pick
at direction

slow drag and shove of voices
rolling low on memory wind

take your pick at direction
                             past looping push
                             pull luscious
                             betraying spiked nervy actions
drag and shove of
sublunary crooners staggering
space after ‘time’

discernible outlines
no haloes though no
blue up above everyone in
lovey-dovey lazy river happy
just a
once forgotten love stub / another
ragged patches

sky uncomfortable             hunched condition

bird circling            arrives in tree
gentle disturbance

desire making you pale
about to be late

yes, in a way
happiness ebbing within

little energy for depravity

the point is
to accept mood merrily


Geraldine Monk


The Return of the Logoclast

‘Atrocities’ I must have misheard
but who was meant by ‘Trustees’?
Persons in philosophy
weary as nouns at political half-mast
with their ablatives awry?
The word-happy slapstick scribe
with nothing on his mind
but cosmogony & endtimes
the one whose writing I
keep finding in my notebooks
seems to know all about easy nausea
squalid fugue fog
skewed tobacco toccatas
the tyranny of half rhyme &
wands that do everyday wonders
the catchiest varia of
viral catechisms
trade hidden in an ultradense
circle of icicles
if they can see
it it’s not really vacancy
but beast-boats & vision
intimate as antimatter
crumbed in supervision
        the Manichaeans
didn’t for the fun of it
make evil up


Alan Halsey

Geraldine Monk has written numerous chapbooks and seven major collections of poetry including 'Interregnum' (Creation Books 1995), 'Noctivagations' (West House Books 2001) and 'Escafeld Hangings' (West House Books 2005). Her 'Selected Poems' (Salt Publishing 2003) gathered together a substantial body of her longer sequences and in 2007 the same publishers brought out 'The Salt Companion to Geraldine Monk', edited by Scott Thurston. In 2011 'Lobe Scarps & Finials' was published by Leafe Press and in 2012 she edited 'Cusp: Recollections of Poetry in Transition' (Shearsman Books) a selected collective autobiography of British poets. As an extension to her poetry she has collaborated with the musicians Martin Archer and Julie Tippetts. They have brought out two c.ds: 'Angel High Wires' (La Cooka Ratcha) and 'Fluvium' (Discus Records). She is a founding member of the Sheffield based antichoir Juxtavoices.

Alan Halsey’s books include 'The Text of Shelley’s Death' (1995) and 'Marginalien' (2005), both published by Five Seasons. A selected poems 1978-2005, 'Not Everything Remotely', appeared from Salt in 2006. His recent collections are 'Term as in Aftermath' (Ahadada 2009) and 'Even if only out of' (Veer 2011). Among his text-graphic works are 'Memory Screen', first shown at the Bury Text Festival 2005, and 'In White Writing' (Xexoxial 2012). He is the publisher of West House Books and editor of the poetry of Thomas Lovell Beddoes and Bill Griffiths. After 18 years running The Poetry Bookshop in Hay-on-Wye he moved to Sheffield in 1997. With Martin Archer he co-directs the antichoir Juxtavoices.