Issue Three

Spring 2012


When Kidnapping Becomes Socially Acceptable

There is a desert between us.
Wide wide uninhabitable stretches of land.
There is a tree.  Snap off a branch and it becomes a divining rod.  It will ponder
the fact that it is amazing that we get to see each other naked when we
are alone.  And why when we are in public places this seems even more fantastic.
In the next life we are both albatrosses. We will be efficient and have ritual dances
and enjoy being together.
I’ve tied you to the tree and kept you alive by feeding you capers.
I read you bedtime stories with titles like Five Ways to Conserve Electricity.
I will take a photo of you tied to the tree to keep by my bed.  The photo will be
memorized until I am not sure if I am looking at myself or a stranger.
You never smile in photos but that is pedant fact.  You are allowed anatomy charts
for conducting lessons.  Show me where the soul lives.
Occasionally I will untie you so we can drink instant coffee together. 
Eventually I’ll have to kill you.  I’ll use dynamite and iron-clad logic.  You’re as old
as you’ll ever be and so am I.




Amanda Dales

carved stone

peacock fractal