Issue Three

Spring 2012


In the pub

The three of us discuss the danger of confusing
continuous with categoric variables,

the folly of losing definition by inappropriate
banding, the way a bell curve represents

reality—the majority inhabit the middle-ground,
outsiders are few and far-flung—the mode,

the median, the mean being useful tools to distinguish
the most common from the mid-value

and the average (to work this out just add up
all n values and then divide by n).

We remember formulae—Einstein’s E=mc2,
4/3 π r3 for the volume of a sphere,

the solution for a quadratic equation, we recall div,
curl and grad, quantum uncertainties,

reduce the inverse square law to keep your distance—
especially from a radioactive source.

Between us, we know π to twenty decimal places,
can extract knowledge from a heap of raw data,

can turn a pleat of words to a folded paper bird
that glides on outstretched wings.




Helen Overell

carved stone

peacock fractal