It’s Nice

Who could be glum on a ferry?
It’s nice to go basically nowhere,
with everyone going there, too,
in their muffs, and their snoods,
and their good slippers (shoes).
It’s the motion of it,
the pretending to do
what you could if you would
if you left Zuiderzoon.
And it’s nice that you’re not on the sea,
which you like, but it’s long,
and it smells of the East,
and it tastes of the deep and its moods.
And, nicest of all,
the river is there
to be crossed and re-crossed,
and it’s never the same,
but it is (look it up).
By the time you worry
the world is too big,
you’re at Joost.
You’ve been confused,
but you’ve never been lost.


Erik Kennedy