Love in Led Zeppelin Album Covers

In 1979, we framed Old Father Time,
nailed his birched back to a red brick wall
the demolition gang had left for dead. 
We stripped its lurid Shand Kydd flowers,
scattered them before a concrete phoenix rising
over passé back-to-backs in smokeless zones given up
to rampant willow herb and grass in clover.

We pissed lyrical in pseudo-psychedelic dreams;
dawns bled tangerine, our zeppelins crashed
manila skies with hummingbirds and butterflies
whose roundel-painted wings we glued
in grounded chips of china blue.

The towers on Dudley Road are long gone;
you and I, my rock, my song, still ramble on.


Jayne Stanton


Jayne Stanton's debut pamphlet, Beyond the Tune, has just been published by Soundswrite Press: