Issue 13

Autumn 2014


House of Cards

Time is strapped for cash. Time lies, spills
confessions. Sundial translates shadow, stone
marks time passing. I try to put time to bed,
but time never sleeps with me. I suspect

he’s been sleeping with my sister at odd
hours and in between times. I’m a grifter
in time’s casino. You can’t beat the house
with a dead horse or a pair of knaves.

The queen clubs her last ace in the hole
with a spade. I cheat at solitaire. I cheat
at hearts. The deck is stacked like a brick
house. Time is lost in translation. 

Time reveals sins of omission and intuition.
The croupier deals me a tiffany diamond.
Our wedding checks bounce. I’m in the red,
but time is always flush.


Deborah Hauser