Issue Four

Summer 2012


The Land God Made in Anger
for Marcos

heavy with grief, I lean over canned lentils
divining fire licks—my tent staked in a mud trail
where hooked wait-a-bit thorns mange skin.

I dream of the land God made in anger:

Namib dunes are nesting whales.
The man is smoke from a mosquito coil.
Great sharks wash themselves ashore,
a shoreline littered in carcasses & shale.
Damara terns clatter this place of disassembly—
black-billed pluck at greening flesh.
Gulls toss in ocean fog,
brine & algal blooms of shipwrecks.
Longshore drift.
Scree in the sea foam.
Sea foam on black sand.


Joey De Jesus



poppy closeup