Issue Five

Autumn 2012


Storyteller’s Shanty


This morning you came in from Lizard Bay
and found me scribbling songlines on my door.
I don't care what the scholars have to say;
the things I saw will thrill you to the core.

By day we try to keep a track on time.
Long hours crash and roll upon the shore;
they hail from beds of gravel, silt and lime,
where all those minutes harden into ore.

And in the evening we may hear a sound
behind the boatshed. Then we will explore
to find a starscript scattered on the ground,
all coils and springs — yes, we've been here before.

Tonight the ship comes in, and we will share
such tales and yarns as we have kept in store.
We'll slip into the wondrousness that's there
and walk on stilts to cross the ocean floor.


Jane Røken



eagle fractal