Issue 9

Autumn 2013


Higgs-Boson Moments

1.  Glow
I should have known: What always seemed to flow
through and around you, just to make me shimmer,
was energy and not mere afterglow.

2.  Dreams
Then I was not imagining
the field: Those dreams of skimming,
planing, floating, flying,
were vivid memories
from before we had mass.

3.  Toad
How is it that he trusts me
as if he waits beside me for a bus?
Don't say a word. Transformed
within the cogent darkness in an instant
when all seems possible,
he starts to leap, is bolted to the ground
by mass quickly acquired.

4.  Figures in Snow         (on hearing John Ellis' "snowfield" explanation)
Here are the ones on sleds, the ones with snowshoes,
the ones in boots – but I,
in strappy high heels, seem to think I'm skiing.
The better this world treats me
the more deeply I sink.

5.  Cat's Cradle
In the last move you gather all the loops,
then turn them to a spiderweb, invert it,
pick one loop here, one there, and flip them over
at once. They metamorphose from a wheel
into a cradle – which you rock – and then
a slip knot vanishing into a thread.

6.  Envelope
You laughed to see it lying there. All
you did was pick it up and catch one corner.
With barely a sound it's open, glue is gone,
whatever was inside has turned to time.



Claudia Gary