Issue 12

Summer 2014



"Toxo can find its way into the human nervous system as well... [There's] evidence of a connection between Toxo and changes in mood or personality, and perhaps even conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder."  --Alan Boyle, NBC News, 6/22/13

The brain's a delicacy, after all.
Why else would creatures' strongest armor shield it,
resisting talon, pincer, tentacle,
and beak? Still, certain tactics have unsealed it.

Zombie ants, spiders, crickets, caterpillars,
ladybugs, birds, fish, crabs, will make a beeline,
subsisting to obey whatever slithers
through entrails to their brain. Then there's the feline,

in which this Toxoplasma gondii
has found a way to cultivate and bring
crazed mice to court its hostess amorously.
They lose. Her droppings launch another fling.

So, if you own a cat and are bipolar,
consider whether kitty's your controller.


Claudia Gary