Issue Three

Spring 2012


On Definitions

With all the ways time loops in the quantum
foam, definitions slide away. Her mother
could have said, a life defined by sorrow,
but it might have been sparrows or tomorrow
which is a problem when tomorrow loops
around today; her physics teacher
would have said don't confuse your quantum
world with your mechanical spaceno one
hoists anvils under an imaging machine;
though isn't that the point, there is "no one"
on that infinitesimal scale, so
we define life in the particle zoo:
Quarks—up and down, bottom and strange;
Leptons—neutrino, electron, muon and tau.
Imagine the first instants of the universe,
where light and gravity interact in long waves,
when our metaphors turn upon themselves
before they intersect in novel geometries.




Carol Dorf

red fractal