Issue Three

Spring 2012


Dogbelly’s Visit to the Engineering Űber-Glossary

Finally to embrace the language of engineers:
routers with their resonant protocols,
a signal that spins, branches, and sprawls,
eventually demultiplexes in electro-smears.

I’m downshifting gears to cruise this pleasure dome
of extended service platforms, crypto-worms
in funky superframes, techno-terms
I know pretty well from drunken fits. So I’m headin’ home

with a designated router, with info
tunnelin’ and a network jitter without the bug.
You bet I need to translate my nightingale jug-jug
into systematic flowchart, and not this slow

savouring of broken honeytokens,
their unspoken linguistic wham-O where I can dream
of a First-In First-Out buffering scheme.
Site-scope me, baby, curl me up in end-to-end encryptions.

O Jesus. I can hear the sound of their hybrid
coaxial throb routed and rerouted, optimized
for ultimate efficiency, and my eyes
see nothing but cybernetic squid

on the screen. Node to node to node.
A series of corroded frames.
Hot swappables equaling the divine Names
of the Atomic Arp. I can’t see the road

for the traffic signs. Gimme some inter-
face, some synchronous optical clocking,
some walki-talkin’ tall to keep me from cocking
the trigger. Let me abandon the world to its digital splinter.

This is the way the world will end.
Guaran-damn-teed. Six-bone, all alone,
with nothing but the network drone.
Not with a bang. Hell no. But with an acronym.




Edward Schelb

red fractal