Issue Four

Summer 2012


Vision of Light and Shadow

 “Light, more light”—Goethe’s dying words

Light, more light. The shadow of the sun turns back on the dial. A rod into a serpent, iron floating
on water, the hysteria of visions and prophecies, clairvoyance and magnetic sleep. Letters read

while laid upon the bed sealed in thick sheets. Spirit-drawings, tongues and abstruse theories,
chest cramps, haemorrhaging, loss of teeth. A ring of metal lying heavy on the nerves, the lamp

dug deep from the grave to illuminate the world. Light, more light. Footsteps following from room
to room, a jug and basin thrown, paraffin moulds, veils and shawls. Wax hands, ectoplasm,

chewed-up tissue regurgitated through the mouth and nose. Muslin concealed within
the undergarments, instruments rattling behind cabinet walls. Voices bellowing through

paste-board speaking-trumpets, the dim-lit spirit-forms. Light, more light. The curtain guarded
at either end, masks and wires, telescopic rods. The stock in trade of every third rate conjuror.

Items hidden in moustaches and whiskers, secreted in gathers of skirts. Slate writing, table
rapping, apports and deports. The destined apparatus of deceit manifested in the presence of dupes.

The sitter and the medium holding hands, pressing feet, a chair slowly rising to the ceiling,
a body levitating. Light, more light. The mind abruptly gravitating, a voice corruptly speaks.


Gerard Beirne