Issue 9

Autumn 2013


Neurofizziology of Sexual Wiring

Fizz flew through my pre-synaptic axon
(resembles a garlic toe)
where your touch crouched like a viron
under an avalanche of rage. “Love-me-fool”:
a dopey dopamine derivative of Yeats leapt
across the synapse, landed future-tense.
Death to the feedback loop and our particles.
Dust disrupted connectivity to my soul.
Migraines, visual disturbances.
Can’t see your face in my mind.

Synaptic vesicles survived! Fizzed on.
Counting the times I threw my left leg
over your right (3079)
ignites primitiva oocytes
endorphin-moniacal primitiva oocytes
lub-dub deep in our currency. Eleven years
after the last O –
deep as the ocean. As my saline pleasure.



Ellen Miller-Mack