Mind in Flight

                                                              Lufthansa Airlines
                                                             Athens to Frankfurt to Detroit

The altitude is 40,000 feet,
we’re west of Ireland, south of Iceland. Wine,
liqueur, and German beer have mixed to heat
my mind to phoenix-flight—No, not that fine:

more like a priest-drugged sibyl’s, slavish-free.
A Donald Duck cartoon is playing on
the monitor: a sylvan scene, at dawn;
it could be Delphi, Epidaurus; see

the trees and stream and rocks, the absent gods.
“Shoot nature with a camera, and not
a gun,” the cartoon caption reads. At odds,
the two eternals: art and death. I’ve got

my third merlot—but when I’m sober, home,         
I’ll find the grounds to fix, or burn, this poem.


Thomas Zimmerman