Issue Three

Spring 2012


Panic is called on unresolvable fatal errors; it syncs, prints "panic: mesg" and then loops

This is an artificial heart. This heart
was written by routine operations. These veins
were constructed in machine language, in bit
patterns. They were programmed. The last four beats
were selected by a series of synaptic
gates: and; or; not; nor. When. But. If. How.

This system's fuse has blown. Its earth is loose.
This wholly unnatural system does not know
if it is made of pistons and valves and pipes
or circuitry. Pressure or charge over time.
But it is not made of flesh. This body cannot
breathe, lacks lungs and throat, and its mind

has no subconscious, and its many limbs
are not organic, but have panels marked
CAUTION. Do not remove. Authorised
personnel only. Its wired jaw
fell off. Fatal exception error. This is
an artificial heart. Please reboot.




Harry Giles

silver fractal