Issue 9

Autumn 2013


Dear Sister

Cacti have both spines and flowers. I once saw a sod house dug into a hillside in South Dakota. It had prickly pear cactus planted on the roof to discourage grazing animals from eating there. I can imagine a cow falling through onto a kitchen table. First the four legs, then the struggle, and finally the whole heavy body tumbles down. The calico wife kneading bread does not expect that. If you decide to move to the desert there will be cacti and sidewinders. There are other sharp and poisonous things to consider. And road runners which are neither prickly nor poisonous and their feet are zygodactyl, which means two toes point forward, and two point backward. They may be coming or going. If you must go to live in the desert, leaving this moist land where skin ages much better, please accept my gift of leather gloves. The sun alone is enough punishment for the things you have done.



Lisa Cihlar