Issue 9

Autumn 2013


Long Distance

He’s talking to his girlfriend on the phone
beside a whirling, wheezing cappuccino
machine. He never has to feel alone.

Eliciting an unexpected moan
was more than he had hoped – but what did he know?
When talking to his girlfriend on the phone

there is no need for florid pheromone,
no risk of rearranging the amino.
Machines can neither make him feel alone

nor cure him if he does. He’s on his own.
Closing his eyes, he senses a neutrino
is passing through his girlfriend and her phone.

She isn’t here, though her location’s known.
Embracing now a paradox of Zeno
and needing no machines to feel alone,

he wanders as a cloud, but in the Zone.
He’s neither here nor there, so how do we know
he’s talking to his girlfriend on the phone?
Even machines can tell he’s not alone.



Claudia Gary