Issue Two: Editorial Note

Helena Nelson, in her blog post* about the creation of the poetry pamphlets HappenStance is publishing, talks of 'the checking and checking and checking that everything has been done, and finding it hasn’t, and checking again' that goes with publishing anything, and almost gets to say it's a slog.  She doesn't come to that conclusion because in the middle of the process she is seduced, once again, by the actual poems.

It's a different type of effort to produce an on-line magazine; less about postage stamps and more about trying to remember how the website works, but when the fiddling with HTML and layout was finished and I read the poems again, just for the joy of it, I was delighted to see how their words and images and music and sounds shone through the technicalities.  We've discovered, over the last two issues, that a great poem can hold its own through many reads and all the editorial processes and still delight.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the work featured here.  The magazine is larger than the first issue – not just a greater number of poems but with guest contributors in our 'Interval' section of reviews and debating points.  We have a similar mix of great poetry, all with an emphasis on careful word choice and lyrical cadence, but some sonnets, some free verse, and even a sestina, a form so difficult to use effectively.

We were encouraged by the positive comments we received about issue one, by the hundreds of readers and by the even greater number of submissions for this issue.  We're relieved and excited to be able to say that this time it all feels just as wonderful.


Rosemary Badcoe

*HappenStance blog entry