Issue 10 Editorial Note


Ten issues, several thousand submissions. When we began Antiphon we hoped we might act as a place where up and coming UK poets could spread their wings. I'm continually surprised how far across the world we reach in terms of readership and submissions. At a time when so many people seem to want to write poetry and yet small print magazines are folding, I'm more convinced than ever that the internet is the way forward. Most of the bigger names in UK poetry, for example, aren't well known in the US, and the opposite also applies. Yet here we are, poets based in the UK and US (and Denmark, and China, and Australia...) sitting beside each other and swapping magical language and insights into the human condition. We hope you enjoy issue 10.


Rosemary Badcoe


Images in this issue are photographs of carvings on the Church of St Mary and St David, Kilpeck, Herefordshire, UK. They date from the 12th century.,_Kilpeck. Images copyright Rosemary Badcoe and Geoff Badcoe. Copyright of all poems remains with the author. No reproduction of any part of the magazine without permission.