Editorial Note


Once again, we’re delighted to present a new issue of Antiphon. One of the best things is having no real agenda about what poems or poets we pick – it’s very much our personal choice, though anything written really well, in whatever style, is considered seriously. We have quite a contrast of technique and subject-matter this time, and are particularly pleased to publish poets we hadn’t come across as well as some we’ve published before.

A problem with an on-line magazine rather than a subscriber-based print publication is that it's hard to tell if we're gathering a core of readers who enjoy sticking with us and await each copy with bated breath. The occasional email makes me think it might be more than we realise, and we'd like to thank the increasing number of submitters who comment on the magazine.

We've decided it would be fun if you'd let us know the poems that you've enjoyed the most in each issue. We'll then offer one of those poets a special feature in our Exhibition Space and complement it with some interesting artwork. It would show the readers more of someone's work and let the poet know their poems are being read and enjoyed, which is always rewarding. So do write and let us know.

There are several ways you can contact us with your opinions – send an email to editors{at}antiphon.org.uk, use the form on the Contact Us page, or if you don't mind your thoughts being public, add a comment on Antiphon's blog - we'll add a post about issue 6.


Rosemary Badcoe




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