A brief update…

My first ghazal was published by The Ghazal Page – it’s not a form I’m very familar with, but it’s growing on me. The Ghazal Page has some great examples.

Shoreline of Infinity reprinted three of the shorter poems from my book in their Winter 2017/18 issue. The science fiction magazine seems to be going from strength to strength, and it was great to see people are still writing short science fiction in the grand tradition of such mags.

I haven’t been submitting much recently as I’ve started concentrating on writing more poems that use science to explore how we see the world and ourselves.


Waterstones Sheffield

Lovely evening reading with Dan Eltringham  last week, and it was very encouraging to sell copies of my book to people who had never heard of me before the reading, but who enjoyed it enough to want to read more. Many thanks to Waterstones in Sheffield for hosting the event. They have a few copies  in their poetry section if anyone would like one – and how kind of them to display it like this! Never thought I’d have  a book on their shelves!


Book launch of Drawing a Diagram

Drawing a Diagram was launched at Blackwell’s bookshop, Sheffield on 6th April.

My great friend and co-editor Noel Williams gave a brief and very kind introduction, and he and another dear friend Kate Rutter also read a few poems just before the interval.

Some of my poems are not the easiest to grasp on first hearing, so I included some visual aids to illustrate some of the poems – here’s me with a dodo reading ‘On the movements of bodies’, the first poem in the collection. I think it was particularly useful for the poem entitled http://biochemical-pathways.com/ !

Noel Williams introducing me
Kate Rutter













Look at this marvellous hand-painted silk scarf! My wonderful husband Ian Badcoe had it made to celebrate the launch of the book – it illustrates part of the book cover, one of the exquisite drawings of Radiolarians drawn by the naturalist Ernst Haeckel.







Very pleased to have a poem in issue 67 of Magma. It’s an interesting issue with some powerful stuff in it. Magma has different editors for each issue, so its style can change quite a lot.


Envoi 173

envoi_172I’ve been a little distracted by events in the UK recently, but I should record my delight at being in issue 173 of Envoi, the magazine run by the excellent Cinnamon Press. It’s an good mix of lyric poems, features and in-depth reviews, and I am reading it with interest.


Angle issue 8

angleAngle issue 8 has arrived, and I’m delighted to have three poems included. The editors have decided to move to one issue a year, which means they aren’t continually sifting submissions, and this seems to be working well for them. It’s a massive issue – 109 pages, including an ekphrastic supplement in the middle (which I always get a bit confused by, as it has its own contents and page numbers). There are a lot of excellent poets included. Take a look.



Oxford Poetry

oxford2I’ve just received my contributor’s copy of Oxford Poetry, and I’m rather stunned to find myself alongside such poets as           AE Stallings and Clive James. I haven’t read much in detail yet, but if all the poems are as good as the first (The Beginning, by D Nurkse), I’m in for a treat.