Queen Elizabeth I revisits Oxford

Well, almost – on Saturday, 23rd May University Church, Oxford is holding a re-enactment¬† of Queen Bess’s visit in 1566.¬† They’ve had a poetry competition as part of the event, and I’m very pleased that my poem ‘Who will wear the weasel fur?’ was shortlisted and will be on display in the Adam de Brome chapel of the church. The poem is based on the Sumptuary Laws of around that time , which attempted to restrict who could wear the finest and most expensive cloth and trimmings.

The day sounds fun – there will be music, dancing, food, poetry, and a play (possibly with hunting dogs and fire, like the original?). I can’t make it to the event, but if anyone’s around Oxford and wants to let me have a picture of the poem, that would be great!




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