Selected publications are listed below:

‘A rainbow is not an object’ Envoi issue 173 June 2016

‘Moll’, ‘Auto-ekphrasis’, ‘Luck’, Angle issue 8 summer 2016 http://anglepoetry.co.uk/

‘Shooting the breeze’ in The Interpreter’s House #59, June 2015

‘Whitby Gothic’, ‘Time to stay’ in Angle issue 7 http://anglepoetry.co.uk/

‘Sudoko’, ‘Stasis’, ‘Inked’, ‘Invitation’ in The Cannon’s Mouth, March 2015, Issue 55

‘Arm’s Length’ in Snakeskin, March 2015 http://www.simmers1.webspace.virginmedia.com/index.html

‘On the movements of bodies’, ‘With bodycolour’, Angle issue 6 http://anglepoetry.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Angle%20Issue%206.pdf

‘Disclaimer’ Right Hand Pointing (online) issue 72, 29th January 2014 https://sites.google.com/site/72rhpissue/rosemary-badcoe

‘Fluid Dynamics’, in Visual Verse, http://visualverse.org/submissions/fluid-dynamics/

* in Four and Twenty, (online pdf) 20th August 2013 https://4and20poetry.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/4and20_v06i08b.pdf

‘Boarding’, Ink, sweat and tears, 14th July 2013 http://www.inksweatandtears.co.uk/

Making Contact,  ed. I Badcoe, R Badcoe, JC Nash, Ravenshead Press, 2012

‘The Concert’ and ‘Calando’, Matter 12, October 2012

‘My arguments’, 14 magazine, Issue 13, Spring 2012

‘Drowning doesn’t look like drowning’ and ‘Boarding’, Orbis, Issue 157, December 2011

‘Drowning doesn’t look like drowning’, Not Only The Dark, ed. N Gould and J Field, Categorical Books, December 2011

‘Outlines’, Matter 11, October 2011

‘Filtered’, Other Poetry, Series 4, Number 4, 2011

‘Tollund Woman’ and ‘Elementary Catastrophe Theory’, Matter 10, October 2010

‘Good Morning’ and ‘Discovering your shape’, Obsessed with Pipework, 2010

‘Dark dark, light’ and ‘Think of it’ in How to turn your teacher purple!, ed. Carter, James, (2011) A&C Black


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