Oxford Poetry

oxford poetryAs a sort of displacement activity instead of actually writing, I’ve been submitting a few poems. I was very pleased to have ‘Earth-bound’ up on Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, a site that delights me the more I read it. Recently it has included work by S Thomas Summers and R Nemo Hill, names I recognise from various internet workshops, and ones I’m delighted to rub shoulders with.

I am equally thrilled to have an acceptance from  Oxford Poetry, a magazine that is ‘over 100 years old. It is probably the oldest dedicated poetry magazine in the world today.’ I think I might again be pleased when I see the company I’m in. Pass me that dreaming spire when you’re done with it.


Under the Radar

undertheradarI was delighted to hear that I’ve had a poem accepted for Under the Radar, the magazine of Nine Arches Press. I’m particularly pleased as Matt Merritt is one of the editors and I enjoyed his book ‘The Elephant Tests’. I don’t send out a lot of submissions, partly because I don’t write very quickly (or at least produce poems I’d feel happy to publish) and partly because I like to select the magazines carefully. Is that better than a scatter-gun approach? Depends what you’re aiming for, I suppose. It does mean I end up in the period of the Long Wait quite often. We sometimes get submissions to Antiphon that say ‘I’ve had over 500 poems published in magazines’, and I wonder if the excitement of that 487th publication is as great as the first few, and whether, really, I’d ever write that many poems I feel the world must read. I’m a bit reluctant for Antiphon to become just another notch on someone’s bedpost – but you can never quite tell where a poem may catch an editor’s attention, and be just the thing they were looking for.



angle7Seriously pleased to have two poems in the new issue of Angle, which is beautifully produced, as always. In fact it was studying Angle that made me think that Antiphon would work well in a similar format. At a first glance through, I’m delighted to be in the company of Jane Røken (one of my favourite poets), Jo Bell, Nick Balbo, Claudia Gary and various others I recognise from my poetry wanderings. I’m sad to read that they will only be producing one issue a year from now on – but I can guess the amount of work involved.