Under the Radar

undertheradarI was delighted to hear that I’ve had a poem accepted for Under the Radar, the magazine of Nine Arches Press. I’m particularly pleased as Matt Merritt is one of the editors and I enjoyed his book ‘The Elephant Tests’. I don’t send out a lot of submissions, partly because I don’t write very quickly (or at least produce poems I’d feel happy to publish) and partly because I like to select the magazines carefully. Is that better than a scatter-gun approach? Depends what you’re aiming for, I suppose. It does mean I end up in the period of the Long Wait quite often. We sometimes get submissions to Antiphon that say ‘I’ve had over 500 poems published in magazines’, and I wonder if the excitement of that 487th publication is as great as the first few, and whether, really, I’d ever write that many poems I feel the world must read. I’m a bit reluctant for Antiphon to become just another notch on someone’s bedpost – but you can never quite tell where a poem may catch an editor’s attention, and be just the thing they were looking for.