Calling all artists! Millstone Grit competition

Some of you may be aware that Antiphon is producing a print anthology (called Millstone Grit) of poetry associated with Sheffield Hallam University, as part of their Catalyst festival.

Alongside the book we’re holding an art competition  where we’re asking artists to respond to some of the poems. We will print out copies of around 10 of the most effective artworks we receive and they will be exhibited, alongside the poems, at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK, in October 2016. There will be cash prizes for the top three exhibits.

Full details, and the poems, can be found on the competition website. We’re encouraging local artists to enter, but in fact are happy to receive work from anyone, from anywhere!

Remember, the art must look good printed out no larger than A3 size (297 x 420 mm, 11.7″ x 16.5″).


Competition details



Issue 18 – being continued…

RP-P-1958-499smallYou know how you’ve now read half of Antiphon issue 18 and intended to come back later and read the rest? Here’s an extra recording, just to remind you…

Antiphon issue 18

Coltsfoot by Hilde Weisert

Contents – issue 18

Act One

Ode to my Weight Loss – Krista Cox
Vigilant Poem – Samantha Madway
Atheism – Claire Scott
The Passenger – Theophilus Kwek
Mass Spectrometry – Hannah Hackney
Maybe It Was Something about Trolls – C Wade Bentley
Nervous for Cigarettes – Ricky Garni
My Xylophone – Clark Holtzman

Act Two

Net Operating Loss – Kathryn Pallant
Current Account – Annette Volfing
The Decision – Helen Evans
The Ball – Charlotte Gann
Suicides  – Bayleigh Fraser
Tumbleweed – Charlotte Innes
Suburban Mid-Life Crisis – Tiffany Krupa
Lullaby – David Briggs

Interval – Reviews

Helena Nelson, How (Not) To Get Your Poetry Published
Ruby Robinson, Every Little Sound
Stephen Payne, Pattern beyond Chance

Act Three

Changes – Daniel Bennett
Coltsfoot – Hilde Weisert
Puffins – David Seddon
Sinkhole – Simon Haworth
Passed – John Greening
Looking for a Northern Light – Rebecca Gethin
Laika – Cheryl Pearson

Act Four

Erasure – Robert Ford
Timescape – Jane Røken
Snapshot, Yesterday – Jennifer A McGowan
For a moment, lying on the grass in summer – Ingrid Hanson
At the Van Nuys State Disability Insurance Office – Yxta Maya Murray
Vanishing Point – Nicky Thompson
Rue de l’Aude – Sally Spedding
Gloria – Ian Tromp
Slim Volume – Seth Crook

Antiphon issue 18 now live!


Antiphon issue 18 is now live and available for download or reading on the site. I’m delighted to add some more recordings of poems featured in the issue.

Lullaby by David Briggs

Gloria by Ian Tromp

Erasure by Robert Ford

For a moment lying on the grass in summer by Ingrid Hanson

At the Van Nuys State Disability Insurance Office by Yxta Maya Murray

Suicides by Bayleigh Fraser

Net Operating Loss by Kathryn Pallant


Issue 18 – the lark ascends

RP-P-1999-367 smallMany thanks to those who have seen the proof and said such kind things about it! I’m eager to release it on the world, but first:

Changes by Daniel Bennett

Atheism by Claire Rubin

Ode To My Weight Loss by Krista Cox

Passed by John Greening

Puffins by David Seddon


Antiphon issue 18 – the sounds

applauseHere are the first of the recordings to whet your appetite for issue 18. More later!

My Xylophone by Clark Holtzman

Tumbleweed by Charlotte Innes

Maybe it was Something about Trolls by C Wade Bentley

The Ball by Charlotte Gann

Issue 17 – Contents

issue 17 coverIt’s been brought to my attention that now we’ve moved to pdf it’s not easy to search the site and find particular poets. So from now on (and for old issues when I get round to it) I’ll post a list of the contents. Here’s issue 17:


Act One

The Tree – Isabel Bermudez
Camping for Beginners – Juliet Antill
The Light Box – Susan Stiles
Not Reading On – David Callin
Anniversary Song – Sylvia Byrne Pollack
Fire-Eater – Myra Pearson
The Return Trip – Claudia Gary
Pelagic – Sarah Watkinson

Act Two

How Could I – Siham Karami
Dead Reckoning with Planchette – Susan Grimm
Tagged – David Callin
Sky Edge – Tracey O’Rourke
Names: Spelt, Spoken, Felt  – Skendha Singh
“He Is Close to Death,” We Hear – Ann E Michael
My Caribbean – Clark Holtzman
25 Vendémiaire, An II – Page Nelson

Interval – Reviews

Jenifer Smith, Reading Through the Night
Chris Dodd, Feeding out the Rope
Scott Elder, Breaking Away
Helen Evans, Only by Flying

Act Three

Nothing to Say – Kevin Casey
Notices – Mark Leech
I Am Not Joan Rivers – Anne Harding Woodworth
The Green Apartment – Pam Thompson
Skype from America – Rasma Haidri
What I Am – Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Bloody Jackdaws – Juliet Antill
Castaway – Hilary Hares

Act Four

The Brush – Judith H Montgomery
Orange – Jane Frank
On the Day of the Dead – Kenneth Salzmann
The Art of Food – Tim Love
The Field – Vishvantara
Miasma – Mary Makofske
A Clear Out – Beth McDonough
Herring Loss – Lisa Kelly

Bursting at the seams?

graphAlmost two weeks to go until closing of submissions for issue 18, and we’re filling up nicely. Okay, it’s an online pdf, and as such could go on for ever… but I don’t like to let it become too big, because I want all the poems to be read properly and appreciated. We still have some that we are pondering over, and there are often people who send something great at the last minute. Submit soon, and a slightly overweight Antiphon will be landing in your inbox!

Closing date for submissions for issue 18: 15th June 2016.


Sooner than expected

sooner than expectedThe good news is that although I’ve been very busy with learning typesetting software and choosing poems for the anthology we’re creating, Antiphon has been bubbling away in the background. I’ve found time to decide on the images for the next issue (issue 18), and we’ve still been selecting poems – rather to my surprise I’ve found we already have nearly enough for the next issue, so let’s say a closing date of 15th June and I will try to get the issue out sooner than we expected.

The image above is what Google comes up with if you search for ‘sooner than expected’ in images. Curious!