Sooner than expected

sooner than expectedThe good news is that although I’ve been very busy with learning typesetting software and choosing poems for the anthology we’re creating, Antiphon has been bubbling away in the background. I’ve found time to decide on the images for the next issue (issue 18), and we’ve still been selecting poems – rather to my surprise I’ve found we already have nearly enough for the next issue, so let’s say a closing date of 15th June and I will try to get the issue out sooner than we expected.

The image above is what Google comes up with if you search for ‘sooner than expected’ in images. Curious!



saboteur-twitter-4When Antiphon published its first issue, back in September 2011, Sabotage Reviews were kind enough to publish an extensive review. As part of their support for the independent publishing scene, they offer a series of awards – one of which is for Best Magazine. The awards are decided by public nomination and votes, so if you’d like to join in please check out the survey below.

At present they are collecting nominations. If you felt able to nominate Antiphon for best magazine, we would, of course, be very grateful! Voting for the shortlist then takes place in May.

From virtual to physical

bookAs part of Sheffield’s Year of Making, Sheffield Hallam University is holding a festival of arty things called the Catalyst Festival. Noel and I submitted a proposal to produce a book, art competition and exhibition celebrating some of the poets connected with the university, and we’re very pleased that it’s been approved. We will be working with the Poetry Business and Bank Street Arts. Learning how to produce a physical book is going to be an exciting process! We’re hoping to find time for Antiphon too, though it may mean the next issue, number 18, isn’t published until around August. We will keep you informed!

Forward Prize

forwardThe Forward Prizes are this year allowing submission of single poems from online magazines, something that’s always been excluded. They are obviously testing the water cautiously – they only allowed the first 20 submissions. I’m delighted that, through some frantic communication with poets, Antiphon’s submission has been accepted. OK, we had to rush, rather than choose in a measured way like the print mags, but it’s a start! I’m confident that the quality of submissions from online magazines will easily rival that of the print mags. It will be very interesting to see if any are shortlisted.

Forward Prizes 2016

Antiphon issue 17 – live!

issue 17 coverAntiphon issue 17 is now live!

Click on the link above to download or read issue 17, and enjoy some further readings.

Close To Death by Ann E Michael

On the Day of the Dead by Kenneth Salzmann

Herring Loss by Lisa Kelly


Antiphon issue 17 – third words

E11563More words, emphatically in the right order.

Tomorrow, the magazine!


Miasma by Mary Makofske

My Caribbean by Clark Holtzman

25 Vendemiaire, An II by Page Nelson

The Brush by Judith H Montgomery

The Return Trip by Claudia Gary


Antiphon issue 17 – second words

birdWe now have recordings of over half the poems in the issue, and very wonderful they are. Come and listen:

The Light Box by Susan Stiles

Pelagic by Sarah Watkinson

Skype from America by Rasma Haidri

The Tree by Isabel Bermudez

I Am Not Joan Rivers by Anne Harding Woodworth

Antiphon issue 17 – the first words

A16119Antiphon issue 17 will be issued at the weekend. We have some tremendous work to present, and would like to begin with five of the recordings sent by this issue’s poets:

Fire-Eater by Myra Pearson

Nothing to Say by Kevin Casey

Orange by Jane Frank

The Green Apartment by Pam Thompson

Anniversary Song by Sylvia Byrne Pollack