Issue 23 – submissions so far

I thought you might be interested in a quick note about issue 23 of Antiphon so far.  Submissions have been closed for a few months so I’ve been aware of the need to let everyone know we’re open again. Getting the word out can take time, but subs have been open for a couple of weeks and already we’ve had about 80 submissions.

I was wondering whether having a themed issue would attract interest, particularly the slightly daunting theme of science, but obviously it has! There are a few entirely inappropriate submissions, but generally people have risen to the challenge. I’ve already added a tentative ‘yes’ to a higher percentage of submissions than usual. It’s been lovely to see some familiar names and also those giving us a try for the first time. This is going to be a great issue!


Submissions open for Antiphon issue 23

Antiphon issue 23 – submissions now open! We’re looking for poems with some link to science, in the broadest sense – poems that stretch beyond the day to day human concerns. Poems that celebrate the vastness of it all, or consider beginnings, or endings, or how we know anything at all. See submissions for how to send us work.


Antiphon issue 22 is here!

Antiphon issue 22

We are once more proud to present another great collection of poems, and to feature readings by many of the contributors – it really makes the poems come alive to hear them read by the authors.

Edit: delighted to have added a recording of ‘Graveside’ by Terence Culleton.

Antiphon issue 22 Contents

Act One
Gall  Susan McComb
August Cantata Ann E Michael

Lane closed for material curing   Sarah Barnsley
Poem, equally suitable for a newborn child, or a newborn kitten Gail White
Armand & I have an argument Laurinda Lind

Late Cedars J M McBirnie
Body Chemistry Beth McDonough

Act Two

January Judith Taylor

Rural Idyll Sue Kindon
Learning Finnish Annette Volfing
In the Churchyard David Callin

Pearl Robert Krantz

The Pier at Dún Chaoin Chris Brauer
Caged in Aleppo Diane G Martin
Kite Days Jean L Kreiling

Forever, Now, Helen Cadbury
#Afterhours, Inua Ellams and Selected Poets
All the Naked Daughters, Anna Kisby

Act Three
Another Year’s Grief Ann E Michael
Dusk Tim Love

The Buddha Mark McDonnell

We Illuminate a Night Scene from King Rene’s Book of Love Lois Marie Harrod
Fault Line Abegail Morley
Somniphobia Ian Heffernan
Cats Lowell Jaeger

Decision Russell Jones

Act Four

Trimester Sarah Bersonsage

One Night in Alport David Harmer
Sea Song Sarah Carleton
Woman Taken by a Wave Kate Noakes

My Life in the Backyard Becky Busby Palmer

Graveside Terence Culleton

Whole Aoife Reilly
Holdfast Mark Totterdell


Antiphon: what’s going on?

Dear Antiphon readers and submitters: we apologise for the brief pause in accepting submissions. When the editors’ lives change to being more like the bottom picture and less like the top, we will be back in business. We hope to open submissions for issue 22 in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!


Antiphon issue 21 super colossal thrilling situation!

… which is what I find after searching the thesaurus for a synonym for ‘Big Bang’. And this is the Considerable Outburst of excellent poetry, the newly issued Antiphon issue 21 and no fewer than 19 23 poems read by their authors (edit: new readings added!). Pull up something wet and fizzy, download the issue, put your feet up and enjoy!

(If you have trouble loading the recordings on this page, there are a couple of playlists on Soundcloud: Antiphon issue 21 part I and part II)

Antiphon issue 21: Contents

(recording is above the poem title)

Act One

Beast Killian O’Donnell

The Weather We Call Raw David Troupes

Eve Peter Lo Bianco
The day the freezer broke and all the food melted is the day Jane Burn
The Seagull Rachel Rankin

Auden in Yorkville, 1939 Chris Edgoose
Six Years Old on Her Grandparents’ Porch Penelope Scambly Schott

Living Bus 8 Douglas Jones

Act Two

Outside Holy Trinity  Sue Kindon

Drawn in Perspective  Ruth Aylett

Catching Clementine Faith Williams
Abandoned Railroad Bridge on the River John Solensten
Night Tapestry Lee Nash
I Read a Poem Today About a Spider J R Solonche

Riff: what it takes Kathleen O’Toole

A catch-all Patrick Theron Erickson

Millstone Grit, edited by Rosemary Badcoe, Noel Williams and Carolyn Waudby
Dinner at the Blaws-Baxters’, Andrew Sclater
Kaleidoscope, Mick Yates
Strawberries and Black Pudding, Joyce Mansour, trans. Carol Martin-Sperry
Dung Beetles Navigate by Starlight, Sarah Watkinson

Act Three

Sylvia’s Games David Troupes

A Bag of Frozen Kidney Beans Burgi Zenhaeusern
Meiga Elizabeth Gibson
Row Robert Krantz

“Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” Kurt Luchs

Huddersfield Narrow Canal: Lock 26 Alison Lock

Keeping Watch Anne Coughlan

Act Four

The House Karen Dennison
Towards Sundown Jock Stein

Felling Jenny Hockey

C282Y Susan L Leary

High Thomas Pletcher

A Silent Majority Tristan Moss

Bioluminosity Jenny Martin

You are in the Hard Places Jessica Mookherjee

Afterwards Anthony Watts

Contributors issue 21


Hear those voices echo in your head

A few more readings to go along with Antiphon issue 20. By now you’ll have worked your way through the reviews, made a note of a few books to buy, and be savouring acts 3 and 4.

Or perhaps you’ll be printing it out and inserting it carefully into one of those leather covers that the most ancient TV listings mag over here fondly likes to imagine we use. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to collect that, but an entire series of Antiphon issues – that’s going to be worth money, that is. Think of your grandchildren.

Cafe Theater by Ceri Eagling

My Mother’s St Vith by Polly Brown

She Nearly Died by Anne Stewart


Antiphon issue 20 now live!

Antiphon issue 20  is now live!

Full contents below. Please enjoy some more readings!

Beachcomber by Richie McCaffery

From Heaven by Judith Taylor

Fitting In by Seth Crook


Act One
The Moon Illusion Robert Wrigley
Anatomy Ceridwen Hall
April in Myth Wren Tuatha
Partial Understanding Brian Johnstone
From heaven Judith Taylor
Acqua Alta Fiona Larkin
Philip Levine’s Good Ear Lisa Kelly

Act Two
Ferry Across New Year Chrissy Banks
Because of your problem, are you afraid
people may think you are intoxicated? Michael Albright
For the Traveler Tricia Knoll
Jealous Kim Bridgford
Our Evolution Luigi Coppola
She nearly died… Anne Stewart
Trying his art on laments Tony Williams
Catharsis Mary Makofske

Interval – Reviews
Kith, Jo Bell
The Fetch, Gregory Leadbetter
There Was and How Much There Was, Zeina Hashem Beck
This Changes Things, Claire Askew
Homing, Mary King
Brief Encounters:
Beautiful Day, JR Solonche
Small Disturbances, Isabel Bermudez
The Swell, Jess Mookherjee

Act Three
The Buzzard Anna Lewis
The Fernery Jane Frank
Take It Off the Mat Ellen Goldsmith
Compliment Ceridwen Hall
My Mother’s St. Vith Polly Brown
October Wake Jean L. Kreiling
Sinann Clifton Redmond
Beachcomber Richie McCaffery

Act Four
Ant Lion, Owlfly, Doodlebug Deborah Brown
Gold Leaves Kathy Gee
Missing Susan Roney-O’Brien
Transcendence Jac Shortland
On the Clifftop Petra White
Café Theater Ceri Eagling
Fitting In Seth Crook

Antiphon is delighted in this issue to feature the photography of Beth Kirkhart. Beth is a photographer who lives near Bee Caves, Texas with her husband and two children. She also works in environmental conservation. See more of her work on twitter, @Gilenlinn