Antiphon’s new guest co-editor

woodpile pI’m very pleased to announce that David Callin has agreed to join me in editing issue 16 while Noel takes a break. David is a marvellous poet who has been a staunch supporter of Antiphon since its inception. He’s also a mod of the poetry forum at Poets’ Graves and I and many others have benefited from his wise and generous advice for more years than either of us would care to count. I had the great joy of meeting David in the flesh earlier this year and was delighted to find him just as wonderful as I expected. I have nervously exposed him to the workload already piling up on Submittable and he’s rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in.
I’m putting words in his mouth here but I think I can say he’s a fan of the rural, of folklore, of history, and is partial to a carefully constructed rhythm and a subtle rhyme. So keep the submissions coming in – I think we have a great issue in the making.


Antiphon issue 15 out this weekend!

a4Well over half the contributors to issue 15 agreed to brave the microphone and have sent very professional recordings. Even those who haven’t tried it before seem to have enjoyed the experience. It makes it feel more of a community of poet endeavour and it’s great to hear the range of voices we’re publishing. Here are today’s poems:

Carolyn Martin – Recycling

Patrick James Errington – Accepting Heaven

Jodie Hollander – Donor

Carolyn Martin – Conversation

Mary Gilonne – Abbiocco

Jenny Hockey – In the Offshot Kitchen That Was


The right words in the right order…

a2… more of them, from issue 15. I’ve finally got a grip on the new issue, so not long now. Here’s a bumper selection of readings – it’s taken Antiphon a while, but I think it adds a whole new dimension to the magazine to be able to let you hear the poets reading their work.  How about some videos? Of readings or of something arty with a reading over the top. Anyone want to take up the challenge?

Rose Cook – A Situation Arising from a Complete Inability to Master Any Language But Her Own

Marilyn Francis – Interlude

Chris Burke – Blind Willie Johnson in Space

Janet Buck – Barking up the Sickly Tree

Ben Johnson – Operation


Antiphon issue 15 – further recordings

a3Delighted to add some more recordings from issue 15. Today we have:

Rodd Whelpley – Untitled

Jessica Wiseman Lawrence – Abscission

Sheila Black – The Parable of the Birds




Antiphon issue 15 is under way

a1Antiphon issue 15 is now being prepared, and to whet your appetite  we’re delighted to present recordings of some of the poets reading the poems that will appear in the magazine. Here are the first three:

Hannah Dellabella – It’s Elbows All the Way Down!

Hugh McMillan – Settlement

Claire Trévien – The Age of Fish