More poems from issue 16

poem1Here are four more poems from the most excellent issue 16.




Arriviste – Laura Cherry

Day Watch – Ellie Danak

Egyptology – Martin Malone

On the Fly – Peter Serchuk


Antiphon issue 16

cover16 smaller… is under way.  As a preview, here are recordings of a few of the poems we’re privileged to be able to include:





On Plums – Brice Ezell

A Dolphin describes the Grey Ghost – Simon Williams

Mid-Life Crisis – Jane Frank

The Faithless Husband – Roy Marshall



Issue 16 – nearly there!


We’ve selected all the poems for issue 16. Many thanks to David for all his hard work! We are now crimping them, bending them, twisting and warping them so that they will fit into the format of a poetry mag. Never let it be said we don’t look after your work.