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stairs1smallJust looking at the statistics for Antiphon 16 today – we’ve had several hundred downloads already, and around 2000 unique visitors to the website each month.  We’ve reached our fourth birthday now and can be said to have arrived – please spread the word in your poetic places and let’s see if we can cast the net even further. This issue (indeed, all of them) is crying out for a large and appreciative audience. Because you’re worth it, and Antiphon is grateful.

And a bonus reading of one of my favourites from issue 16:

Alone, Almost – Sylvia Byrne Pollack


Antiphon Issue 16 is here!

issue cover16Antiphon issue 16

Now live! View online or right-click the link to download as a pdf. And we’re also proud to present three more recordings of cracking poems from the issue.


Your eulogy for checking – Kathy Gee

Venezia – Don Zirilli

The Secret Society – Seth Crook


More poems!

Pietro Rotari, A Sleeping Girl, Italian, 1760/1762, oil on canvas, Samuel H. Kress CollectionI’m going to be a bit busy over the next few days, so here’s a bumper crop of readings from issue 16.


Green and Pink Hydrangea – Priscilla Atkins

Heaven and Hell – Sue Kindon

How to Catch a Pebble – Ruby Robinson

Love is a Far Country – Stacey Margaret Jones

Ninteen Sixty Seven – Jessica Mookherjee

Odysseys of an Onion Moon – Sophia Pandeya