Issue 23 – submissions so far

I thought you might be interested in a quick note about issue 23 of Antiphon so far.  Submissions have been closed for a few months so I’ve been aware of the need to let everyone know we’re open again. Getting the word out can take time, but subs have been open for a couple of weeks and already we’ve had about 80 submissions.

I was wondering whether having a themed issue would attract interest, particularly the slightly daunting theme of science, but obviously it has! There are a few entirely inappropriate submissions, but generally people have risen to the challenge. I’ve already added a tentative ‘yes’ to a higher percentage of submissions than usual. It’s been lovely to see some familiar names and also those giving us a try for the first time. This is going to be a great issue!


Submissions open for Antiphon issue 23

Antiphon issue 23 – submissions now open! We’re looking for poems with some link to science, in the broadest sense – poems that stretch beyond the day to day human concerns. Poems that celebrate the vastness of it all, or consider beginnings, or endings, or how we know anything at all. See submissions for how to send us work.