Antiphon issue 14


coverIssue 14 is nearly ready to go live, but to whet your appetite we’ve asked some of the poets to record themselves reading their work.

This first poem, Footslog, by Julia Webb is a wonderful journey ‘walking the wild-camber of salt-wash’. It needs to be seen as well as heard but since the layout of the poem mimics the journey it’s best read in the magazine.

Footslog – Julia Webb

And now the lilting Ruysdael, Rough Sea by Catherine Rockwood.

Ruysdael, Rough Sea

Ingoing with a taut spritsail of white
showing its spinal dip, the weight of wind
pressed forward in the cloth: a Haarlem ship
whose load lightens her as she speeds to harbor.
For honor guards she’s salt-smacked passengers,
mixed cargo and a flicked-on trailing gull;
its wings bring sunlight down in a refrain
of brightness. Though the clouds above are vast
in heaven and move slow with higher airs,
tempted by the Italian Baroque,
still on she moves between them and rough water –
coast-runner, skipping matron, Holland’s daughter.

Catherine Rockwood

Florentines – Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips’ poem about his stay in Italy is also rather long to be reproduced here – find it in Act Three, very shortly!

For a magazine that has such an international range of contributors and readers as Antiphon it’s particularly interesting to hear the poems in the voice of their author. Thanks to all those who responded so enthusiastically to the suggestion of making an audio file. We will add more in due course.

Issue 14… coming very soon!


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