Antiphon issue 21 super colossal thrilling situation!

… which is what I find after searching the thesaurus for a synonym for ‘Big Bang’. And this is the Considerable Outburst of excellent poetry, the newly issued Antiphon issue 21 and no fewer than 19 23 poems read by their authors (edit: new readings added!). Pull up something wet and fizzy, download the issue, put your feet up and enjoy!

(If you have trouble loading the recordings on this page, there are a couple of playlists on Soundcloud: Antiphon issue 21 part I and part II)

Antiphon issue 21: Contents

(recording is above the poem title)

Act One

Beast Killian O’Donnell

The Weather We Call Raw David Troupes

Eve Peter Lo Bianco
The day the freezer broke and all the food melted is the day Jane Burn
The Seagull Rachel Rankin

Auden in Yorkville, 1939 Chris Edgoose
Six Years Old on Her Grandparents’ Porch Penelope Scambly Schott

Living Bus 8 Douglas Jones

Act Two

Outside Holy Trinity  Sue Kindon

Drawn in Perspective  Ruth Aylett

Catching Clementine Faith Williams
Abandoned Railroad Bridge on the River John Solensten
Night Tapestry Lee Nash
I Read a Poem Today About a Spider J R Solonche

Riff: what it takes Kathleen O’Toole

A catch-all Patrick Theron Erickson

Millstone Grit, edited by Rosemary Badcoe, Noel Williams and Carolyn Waudby
Dinner at the Blaws-Baxters’, Andrew Sclater
Kaleidoscope, Mick Yates
Strawberries and Black Pudding, Joyce Mansour, trans. Carol Martin-Sperry
Dung Beetles Navigate by Starlight, Sarah Watkinson

Act Three

Sylvia’s Games David Troupes

A Bag of Frozen Kidney Beans Burgi Zenhaeusern
Meiga Elizabeth Gibson
Row Robert Krantz

“Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” Kurt Luchs

Huddersfield Narrow Canal: Lock 26 Alison Lock

Keeping Watch Anne Coughlan

Act Four

The House Karen Dennison
Towards Sundown Jock Stein

Felling Jenny Hockey

C282Y Susan L Leary

High Thomas Pletcher

A Silent Majority Tristan Moss

Bioluminosity Jenny Martin

You are in the Hard Places Jessica Mookherjee

Afterwards Anthony Watts

Contributors issue 21