Other places

Since we’re in that lull between Antiphons, enjoying watching the submissions build up, I thought it would be interesting to discuss a few other magazines I’m particularly keen on. and that I encourage you to seek out and read. First up: Snakeskin, run by George Simmers. I’ve been reading Snakeskin for a while, but it’s been going much longer than that – the extensive archives go back to 1998. I think it must be the UK’s longest-running online poetry publication, and there’s a new issue every month – a tremendous amount of work. The poetry is always quirky and unusual, light on its feet, and some of course better than others, but there’s always work worth investigating. I was very pleased to have a poem published in the March 2015 issue. I recommend particularly looking out for the work of David Callin, Jane Røken, Ray Miller and Seth Crook – all great but very different poets, and often to be found in various corners of the web – including Antiphon, of course.

Rosemary Badcoe