Antiphon issue 19 is here!

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Delighted, as ever, to offer a new issue of Antiphon (see below for contents). We’ve been honoured by some particularly sparkling writing – it feels like a strong issue to me. Let us know what you think!

It’s fascinating to hear all the different voices of our poets. Here’s a bonus selection for your weekend enjoyment.

Totem Song by Mike Saye

Kirstenbosch by Alexandra Strnad

Walk by Judith Taylor

Summer Solstice Anchorage by Jill Dery

Artwork by Alice Tarbuck

Nightswimming in a Stranger’s Pool by Mike Saye

Undammed by Ivy Schweitzer

Exhaustion by Becca Menon

Nurse’s Day by Tamam Kahn

Issue 19 Contents

Act One
Mariana and the Roadkill – Sally Douglas
The Specifics – Morna Finnegan
Kirstenbosch – Alexandra Strnad
Undammed – Ivy Schweitzer
Walk – Judith Taylor
The Years – Isabel Bermudez
Fulford Lake, Alberta – Karen Petersen

Act Two
In Deep – Julia Deakin
Intellect – Robert Beveridge
Apoptosis – C Wade Bentley
Nightswimming in a Stranger’s Pool – Mike Saye
Summer Solstice Anchorage – Jill Dery
Place de l’Opéra – Kate Noakes
Sky-gardens – Alexandra Strnad

Interval: reviews
Earth Girls, Lisa Brockwell
The Density of Salt, Kate Garrett
Three Short Reviews:

Alan Buckley, The Long Haul
Roy McFarlane, Beginning with your Last Breath
Mark Pajak, Spitting Distance

Noir, Charlotte Gann

Act Three
Abraham – Jory Mickelson
Factoring – Rachel Nix
A Great Work – Rebecca Hurst
Out of Place – Ivy Schweitzer
Stone-watching  – Mark Leech
They Arrive Restless – Obi Nwakanma
Artwork Number 53, Borough Station – Alice Tarbuck

Act Four
Clarification – Michael Farry
New Moon – Tim Love
Totem Song – Mike Saye
Perfectly Still – Ellen Goldsmith
Nurse’s Day – Tamam Kahn
Navigating the Annals – Abegail Morley
Running in the Rain – Sarah Law
Exhaustion – Becca Menon





Millstone Grit

IMG_4118As part of Sheffield Hallam University’s Catalyst Festival, Antiphon has been preparing an anthology of poetry by poets connected with the university. It’s the first time we’ve tried a print publication and marks the official launch of Antiphon Press!

Noel and I managed to persuade Carolyn Waudby, a Senior Lecturer at Hallam, to join us in the project, and I’ve spent the last few months learning about typesetting, layout, optical justification and kerning etc. We’ve just received the proof copy from the printers and we’re delighted with it! The full book launch will be on 19th October as part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf festival. Not content with giving ourselves theIMG_4116 task of organising work from 36 poets, there’s also an art competition and exhibition linked to the book.

We’re not sure where we’ll take Antiphon Press from here, but we now have a bunch of ISBN numbers that need a home!



From virtual to physical

bookAs part of Sheffield’s Year of Making, Sheffield Hallam University is holding a festival of arty things called the Catalyst Festival. Noel and I submitted a proposal to produce a book, art competition and exhibition celebrating some of the poets connected with the university, and we’re very pleased that it’s been approved. We will be working with the Poetry Business and Bank Street Arts. Learning how to produce a physical book is going to be an exciting process! We’re hoping to find time for Antiphon too, though it may mean the next issue, number 18, isn’t published until around August. We will keep you informed!


Happy New Year!

731px-Haeckel_HepaticaeA very Happy New Year to all readers of and contributors to Antiphon! We wish you all a productive and successful year.

We’re now reading seriously for issue 17, which will be published at the end of January. There’s plenty of room for some more great work, so please submit within the next three weeks and make the next issue as great as the previous ones.

**Submissions by 22nd January 2016, please!**


Antiphon’s new guest co-editor

woodpile pI’m very pleased to announce that David Callin has agreed to join me in editing issue 16 while Noel takes a break. David is a marvellous poet who has been a staunch supporter of Antiphon since its inception. He’s also a mod of the poetry forum at Poets’ Graves and I and many others have benefited from his wise and generous advice for more years than either of us would care to count. I had the great joy of meeting David in the flesh earlier this year and was delighted to find him just as wonderful as I expected. I have nervously exposed him to the workload already piling up on Submittable and he’s rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in.
I’m putting words in his mouth here but I think I can say he’s a fan of the rural, of folklore, of history, and is partial to a carefully constructed rhythm and a subtle rhyme. So keep the submissions coming in – I think we have a great issue in the making.


The right words in the right order…

a2… more of them, from issue 15. I’ve finally got a grip on the new issue, so not long now. Here’s a bumper selection of readings – it’s taken Antiphon a while, but I think it adds a whole new dimension to the magazine to be able to let you hear the poets reading their work.  How about some videos? Of readings or of something arty with a reading over the top. Anyone want to take up the challenge?

Rose Cook – A Situation Arising from a Complete Inability to Master Any Language But Her Own

Marilyn Francis – Interlude

Chris Burke – Blind Willie Johnson in Space

Janet Buck – Barking up the Sickly Tree

Ben Johnson – Operation


Antiphon issue 15 – further recordings

a3Delighted to add some more recordings from issue 15. Today we have:

Rodd Whelpley – Untitled

Jessica Wiseman Lawrence – Abscission

Sheila Black – The Parable of the Birds




Antiphon issue 15 is under way

a1Antiphon issue 15 is now being prepared, and to whet your appetite  we’re delighted to present recordings of some of the poets reading the poems that will appear in the magazine. Here are the first three:

Hannah Dellabella – It’s Elbows All the Way Down!

Hugh McMillan – Settlement

Claire Trévien – The Age of Fish