Issue 17 – Contents

issue 17 coverIt’s been brought to my attention that now we’ve moved to pdf it’s not easy to search the site and find particular poets. So from now on (and for old issues when I get round to it) I’ll post a list of the contents. Here’s issue 17:


Act One

The Tree – Isabel Bermudez
Camping for Beginners – Juliet Antill
The Light Box – Susan Stiles
Not Reading On – David Callin
Anniversary Song – Sylvia Byrne Pollack
Fire-Eater – Myra Pearson
The Return Trip – Claudia Gary
Pelagic – Sarah Watkinson

Act Two

How Could I – Siham Karami
Dead Reckoning with Planchette – Susan Grimm
Tagged – David Callin
Sky Edge – Tracey O’Rourke
Names: Spelt, Spoken, Felt  – Skendha Singh
“He Is Close to Death,” We Hear – Ann E Michael
My Caribbean – Clark Holtzman
25 Vendémiaire, An II – Page Nelson

Interval – Reviews

Jenifer Smith, Reading Through the Night
Chris Dodd, Feeding out the Rope
Scott Elder, Breaking Away
Helen Evans, Only by Flying

Act Three

Nothing to Say – Kevin Casey
Notices – Mark Leech
I Am Not Joan Rivers – Anne Harding Woodworth
The Green Apartment – Pam Thompson
Skype from America – Rasma Haidri
What I Am – Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Bloody Jackdaws – Juliet Antill
Castaway – Hilary Hares

Act Four

The Brush – Judith H Montgomery
Orange – Jane Frank
On the Day of the Dead – Kenneth Salzmann
The Art of Food – Tim Love
The Field – Vishvantara
Miasma – Mary Makofske
A Clear Out – Beth McDonough
Herring Loss – Lisa Kelly


Antiphon issue 17 – live!

issue 17 coverAntiphon issue 17 is now live!

Click on the link above to download or read issue 17, and enjoy some further readings.

Close To Death by Ann E Michael

On the Day of the Dead by Kenneth Salzmann

Herring Loss by Lisa Kelly



Antiphon issue 17 – third words

E11563More words, emphatically in the right order.

Tomorrow, the magazine!


Miasma by Mary Makofske

My Caribbean by Clark Holtzman

25 Vendemiaire, An II by Page Nelson

The Brush by Judith H Montgomery

The Return Trip by Claudia Gary



Antiphon issue 17 – second words

birdWe now have recordings of over half the poems in the issue, and very wonderful they are. Come and listen:

The Light Box by Susan Stiles

Pelagic by Sarah Watkinson

Skype from America by Rasma Haidri

The Tree by Isabel Bermudez

I Am Not Joan Rivers by Anne Harding Woodworth


Antiphon issue 17 – the first words

A16119Antiphon issue 17 will be issued at the weekend. We have some tremendous work to present, and would like to begin with five of the recordings sent by this issue’s poets:

Fire-Eater by Myra Pearson

Nothing to Say by Kevin Casey

Orange by Jane Frank

The Green Apartment by Pam Thompson

Anniversary Song by Sylvia Byrne Pollack